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Create a New Mailbox Database in Exchange 2007

Creating new mailbox database is one of the best technique to manage exchange database, Here Microsoft provide Exchange Management Console and Exchange Management Shell to create new mailbox you can use any one of them. Exchange Management Shell is a scripting language commands which facilitate in task atomization and most exchange administrator prefer this option. Creating a new mailbox is most frequent task which is performed by exchange administrator so read the complete article to know how to create new user mailbox database in exchange 2007 environment.

Check These before Creating New Mailbox

Some points which you need to specify read the complete required procedures which is listed below.

Create New Mailbox Database by Using Exchange Management Console

Follow the steps to create new mailbox database by just following some simple steps.

  1. Login to Exchange by providing credentials.
  2. Go to Start and click on Exchange Management Console.
  3. From opened window go to console tree section and expand the Server Configuration and then click on the Mailbox.
  4. Now select the Storage Group from work pane section in which you want to create new mailbox database.
  5. Now from action pane click on New Mailbox Database and new mailbox database wizard will appear.
  6. Complete the all fields in new wizard as given below.
    • Mailbox Database Name: - Provide the New Mailbox Database name of your choice, but be sure that the length of the name should not be greater than 64 character and does not contain any special character.
    • Database File Path: - Specify the location where you want to create new mailbox. To change the path of edb file click on the Brows button and provide new path.
    • Mount this Database: - Select this to immediately mount the mailbox database as it created.
    • Location Continuous Replication Database File Path: - If the Local Replication Group (LCR) is enabled then only this box will appear and this box will show you the location of backup copy of exchange database. You can change the location of backup database file click on the Brows button and provide the new path.
  7. Click on New button from bottom to create new mailbox database.
  8. As the entire process will complete successfully then a dialogue box will appear with successful message. If dialogue box shows the failed message it indicates that there should be some error so first resolve the error and then proceed some process again.
  9. At the end click on Finis tab to complete the process and a New Mailbox Database will appear in the specified storage group.

Create New Mailbox Database by Using Exchange Management Shell

Exchange Management Shell is a powerful tool which is provided by Microsoft to automate the process, but it is a scripting language commands so it is quite hectic to use but once you get familiar with it then you will feel ease while using the commands.

  1. Run the Command to Create New Mailbox Database.
    New-MailboxDatabase -Name <Database_Name> -StorageGroup <Server_Name>\<StorageGroup_Name>
  2. Run this Command to Mount the New Database.
    Mount-Database -Identity <Database_Name>

After reading this article I am sure that you are able to create new mailbox database, in this article I have tried to cover all the aspects which influence while creating new mailbox in the storage group. I hope that this effort will help you to resolve your quires