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Create a New Public Folder Database in Exchange

When Exchange Setup 2007 asks to you that you have any pre-installed Outlook and you click on No button then exchange shows an error and to resolve this error you need to create a new public folder in exchange 2007. In this article I am going to explain what you have to do when exchange reflects error while configuring the exchange 2007 then you have to create a new public folder database in exchange 2007 and it can be done by using exchange management console as well as exchange management shell so in this article I am explaining both the way you can use any one from both way to create public folder in exchange.

Create a New Folder Database in Exchange Quickly

If a public folder is not created when exchange 2007 is performing installation then you need to create a new folder database in exchange to resolve the exchange error. In this situate exchange does not create a public folder store but it is necessary to support the legacy client support in the newly created exchange environment. To create new public folder in database in exchange 2007 follow the steps given below.

Note: - - If your organization contains one public folder database then you cannot use Local Continuous Replication (LCR) or Standby Continuous Replication (SCR). If your organization have more than one public folder then Microsoft recommends that not to use the cluster continuous replication. Here LCR, SCR and Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) are the type of storage group replication in exchange server environment. You cannot combine public folder replication and storage group replication due to which LCR and SCR is available for public folder database only when if there is no public folder database in the organization.

Create a New Folder Database in Exchange Using EMC

EMC stands for Exchange Management Shell and is use to manage the exchange server environment and to perform various task like create new user mailbox, mount mailbox, create new user, delete existing user and many more option to do, follow the steps given below to create a new public folder database in exchange 2007.

  1. Access the Exchange 2007 by providing Credentials.
  2. Go to Start and click on the Exchange Management Console.
  3. From the console tree expand the Server Configuration and click on Mailbox.
  4. Go to result pane, hit on Server on which you want to create New Public Folder Database.
  5. Now from the work pane click on the Storage Group on which you want to create New Public Folder Database.
  6. Locate the New Public Folder Database from action pane and as you click on it a new public folder database wizard will appear.
  7. Fill the database folder name for the new public folder database in the Name Field.
  8. Click on Brows button to specify the location of the public folder database files, It is optional by default exchange will take the exchange database (.edb) file location to store the new folder database.
  9. Check the Mount This Database check box option, it is default condition to mount the exchange database at the successful completion of entire process and click on New Button.
  10. As you click on New button the new window will appear with the message of either the successfully created new folder database or some error code and reason of why new folder database is not created and click on Finish to complete the process.

Create a New Folder Database in Exchange Using EMS

Before creating the new folder you need to assign the Exchange Administrator permission, Use the New-PublicFolderDatabse cmdlet to create new folder database. As new folder is created you need to specify the server on which you want to create the folder and provide the path of new folder database otherwise it will use a default location which is given bellow.

Public Folder Database and FileName: -
<installation location>\V14\Mailbox\<database name>\<database name>.edb

Public Folder Database File Path: -
<installation location>\V14\Mailbox\<database name>

Note: - By default public folder databases are dismounted so you need to mount the database after completion of process.

  1. Create public folder database on server by providing appropriate server name with the default database location here ServerABC is the server name.

          New-PublicFolderDatabase "Public Folders" -Server ServerABC
  2. Now Mount the Database Public Folder by executing this command.

          Mount-Database "Public Folders"
  3. Specify the location of public folder by using EdbFilePath and LogFilePath command respectively.

          New-PublicFolderDatabase Support -Server Server123 -EdbFilePath E:\Databases\Support\Support.edb -LogFilePath D:\Logs\Support
  4. At the end mount the database support.

          Mount-Database Support

In this article I have tried to explain term to create a new folder database in exchange 2007 by using either exchange management console or exchange management shell. I hope this article will be helpful for you.