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What is EDB File Logical Error?

When an EDB file is not accessible because of Virus, Trojan, Worm attack, ESE Engine Failure and any other activity that makes the data inaccessible by changing original data is called the EDB file logical error. In this page I am going to discuss all factors in detail and tries to be deliver in quite simple manner just read the complete article to know everything about Logical error.

Coplete Description of Logical Error

As we know that exchange edb file stores all communicational data in .edb file and windows edb file stores registry key which is responsible to activate the right program for particular action. So in both case the edb file contains vital information. If any issue occurred with this file then we need to resolve it immediately otherwise it will breakdown functionality of particular application. Before discussing about logical error lets discuss some facts that help you to understand the things easily.

What is Virus?

Computer virus is a malicious program which attaches itself to a file or program and spreads from one computer to another, basically all viruses are attached to Executable File which means the virus is in your computer but not able to infect any file unless you open or execute the infected file. Virus spreads only by human action (such as Execute infected .exe file, open the infected file either doc. or image). So we can say that virus can not harm without human action. In simple we can say that virus needs human action to spread and to be in active state.

What is Worm?

Worm is also a malicious program and considered as the subclass of virus. It spread from device to device without any human action which makes it more dangerous. The warm uses the transport layer functionality to spread over multiple computers. The main disadvantage of warm is that it has capability to replicate itself this makes a single warm can be in computer can make many without any human innervation. Due to replication feature it consumes too much System Memory, Network Bandwidth, Web Server and Network Server this results stop responding. In simple warm can replicate itself and do not require human action to spread.

What is Trojan horse?

A Trojan horse is quite tricky malicious program which appears as very useful program and once the user executes the program then it starts some serious damage like changing Desktop, Delete the files, affects registry and adding silly active desktop icons etc. it is also creates a Backdoor on your computer due to which a malicious user can access your computer. In simple it requires human action to run and do not replicate itself. Now after understanding these things let's talk about EDB File logical error.

EDB File Logical Error

As stated above logical error can be occurred by virus attack, System Improper Shutdown and ESE Engine Failure. Let's discuss Exchange EDB file and Windows EDB File logical error Separately.

Exchange EDB File Logical Error

The Microsoft Exchange Database file Logical Error can be occurred by various reasons such as virus attack, System dirty shutdown and ESE engine Failure. Let's discuss each in detail.

Virus Attack: - when Exchange EDB file is not accessible then there might be a chance that the original data is changed by virus, warm and Trojan. Working of each I have explained above, once EDB file got corrupted then you need to repair the exchange database file by using appropriate tool.

System Dirty Shutdown: - When a user request to access database file then exchange server maintains .log file which synchronizes the Physical Address and Logical Address, if a user the performing update operation on database and unfortunately system shutdowns and the log sequence is not managed then file got corrupted in this case you need to perform required task to recover EDB file from logical error.

Exchange Database ESE Engine Failure: - In order to prevent from Exchange log sequence mismatch error the Microsoft gives concept of ESE (Extensible Storage Engine). ESE 98 (prevent the wrong log or the wrong log sequence from being written into a database.) and shows the following errors code.

User action EDB Logical Error

  1. In case of soft recovery a user executed eseutil/r command and this command deletes the corrupted files due to which the physical address and logical address get mismatch and this situation makes the database inconsistent and shows the JET Error in application Event Log of Exchange Server Log.
         "JET_errSoftRecoveryOnBackupDatabase (-544)"
  2. When a user initializes an inconsistent database then the process checks weather the specified log range is specified in log sequence or not the log value is not specified then it returns an error message and this error is also an Exchange EDB Logical error.
         "JET_errRequiredLogFilesMissing (-543)"

Resolution of Logical EDB Error

To resolve logical error issues follow the steps given below.

  1. Restore corrupted EDB File from updated backup if backup is not available then move to second step.
  2. Defrag the database by using PowerShell eseutil/d command and then run Isinteg -fix command to synchronize the log sequence. If this command does not resolve the problem move third step.
  3. Use the third party Exchange Recovery Tool to repair exchange edb file.

I have tried to put all the aspects that led to Exchange EDB logical error, I hope that this article will enhance you knowledge.