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Exchange Error 501 Jet_ErrorLogFileCorrupted

Exchange Log File is as important as the exchange database files are because the transaction log file contains data which is not saved in database and it also synchronizes DB write operation queue. It is possible that Exchange Log file get corrupted and prevent to perform write operation this may led to stop the working of exchange server so you need to resolve this error immediately. In this article I am going to describe exchange error 501 jet_errorlogfilecorrupted and how to resolve this error, read the complete article to understand the working of exchange log file and how to resolve its related error.

Exchange Error 501 Jet_ErrorLogFileCorrupted

Exchange server stores entire data in exchange database file and this database file is related to Read/Write operation and these operation are subjected to change in database. So there is need to synchronize these operation, the concept of log file comes. The basic task of Log File in exchange server is to maintain a record of volatile data in .log file and provide a token value once the token value get active then the volatile data will be written into database due to which log file is essential to make database in healthy state. Log file maintains the log queue which ensure you to right value will be updated in the database.

When a transaction is created then it first stored in log file and then it is associated with log token value, the token value is properly synchronized that the no two values will be overlap to each other because number of transaction will be created at the same time so it is necessary to manage it. There is possibility that the log file got corrupted or damaged and in this situation the database is inaccessible, this is the big trouble in front of exchange administrator. Once the log file is missing or corrupted then Exchange shows an error 501 jet_errorlogfilecorrupted.

When a user generates a request to access the database but exchange shows error and this error may be related to unavailability of log file and this situation makes the database is in inconsistent state. To handle database properly you need to monitor the database action and resolve all issues if found. To resolve these issues you can use Microsoft utility i.e. ESE Command or third party tool.

Cause of Log File Corruption Error: - The main reason behind this error is the log file got corrupted and this make header of log file unavailable and then exchange shows error code 501 jet_errorlogfilecorrupted.

How to Check the State of Log File is Damaged or Not?

You need to perform some steps to know the state of log file, follow the steps given below.

If this process generates a result with message "Exchange Log File is in Healthy State" then no need to perform any step but if it shows Error 501 it means that the exchange possess error 501 error_errorlogfilecorrupted and then you need to resolve this error. Follow the steps given below to resolve exchange error.

Steps to Resolve Exchange Jet_ErrorLogFilecorrupted

Restore Log File from Latest Exchange Backup: - Fist of all find a copy of log file which is in healthy condition from exchange online backup or from previous latest backup. Replace the healthy log file and delete the corrupted database file then the error is resolved and now you can access the database.

Perform Hard Recovery to Repair Log File Error: - Run the ESEutil command on Power Shell command line, which is given below but it is recommended that take the backup of log file fist then perform the hard recovery.

         "eseutil /p database-name.edb"

Note: - If you are facing some problem to resolving exchange jet_errorlogfilecorrupted error then you need to use third party tool which can easily Recover Exchange Database without Log File and manage the Meta property of database.

In this article I tried to explain exchange server log file error and hoe to resolve exchange jet_errorlogfilecorrupted. I hope that this effort will help you to resolve this error.