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Microsoft Exchange Server Setup Error 1002

When Microsoft Exchange Server is installed then it requires that all the component specified in the event description must be successfully installed if those components are not installed then it shows an Exchange Server Setup Error 1002. This event id may be associated with different error codes that depends on the particular component. If the error code is not associated with event id then you can find it in Progress.log file. To know resolution method of this error read the complete article.

Coplete Description of Error 1002

What is Exchange Server Setup Error 1002?

As we know that the Microsoft Exchange Server is most popular Mail Server that enable a user to share the information with each other. It provides better mailing environment, contact manager and calendaring facility to achieve these facilities it require many components that needs to be installed when installing the Microsoft Exchange Server. If any one of the component is not installed successfully then an exchange server setup error 1002 occurs. This event id may contain different type of error description that depends on the particular component which is not installed. Some key information of exchange setup error is listed below.

Product: -    Exchange.
Event ID: -   1002.
Source: -       MSExchangeSetup.
Message: -   Exchange Server Component %1 Failed. Error %2.
Symbolic Name: -  evtSetupComponentError.

The event id provides the information why the specified components are not installed properly and which component is not installed. In any situation if you are not getting error description then you can see the message in exchange Server Setup Progress.log file. The reason of this error varies but one of the common Exchange Setup error that the exchange administrator frequently faces during installation is given below.

Error: - The service cannot be started either it is disabled or no associated device is enabled.

Note: - This particular error message indicates that the clustered network environment contains some disabled services like IISAdmin, W3SVC AND HTTP SSL Services need to be in enabled state on passive node.

The Microsoft Exchange Server installation process maintains a Log file that contains the error description in any case if the error event does not show any reason of the error then you can check the log file to know the components detail due to which the exchange server setup error 1022 occurs. Instead of this it maintains some other files which I have discussed below.

ExchangeSetup.log File: - this file stores the progress report of every task which is executed during the exchange configuration and installation. The log file contains the status of all component which is executed successfully or aborted in between the installation process. You can check this file to monitor the installation progress or to determine the reason of exchange server setup installation error.

ExchangeSetup.msilog: - During the installation process the instructions are extracted from the installer file. So the .msilog file contains the information that which instruction is currently executing and which will extract next to proceed the installation process.

How to Resolve the Exchange Server Setup Error 1002

You need to perform few simple steps to resolve Microsoft Exchange Server Error 1002 and the steps were given bellow, just follow the instructions.

I tried to explain Exchange Server installation error in very simple words and I hope this article will help you to resolve the Exchange Server Setup Error 1002. If you have any other solution for this error or you want add something in this article then feel free to contact us we will consider your contribution.