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Remove Users Mailbox from Exchange Database

Exchange server is a mail server that enables user to send or receive emails, to perform mailing functionality user need to create user mailbox but in every organization the workers are either joining or leaving the organization so exchange administrator need to add or remove the users mailbox. So here I am going to discuss the best way to remove mailbox from exchange server and tries to give a quick way to delete the mailbox and manage the exchange in healthy state and does not break the continuity of mail flow within or outside the organization.

Quick Way to Remove Mailbox from Exchange

As the number of user increases in the organization and every user have an account so it is necessary to delete those mailboxes from exchange database which are not in use. So here Microsoft provides exchange management console and exchange management shell to remove the particular mailbox from exchange server. Read the complete article to know all the steps which you need to perform while removing user mailbox from exchange database and in this article I am discussing all quick way to perform this operation and these utilities are empowering you to select the particular mailbox from the list and remove the selected user's mailbox.

Note: - Exchange server administrator role and local administrator group must be provided to the targeted user mailbox and you need to delete the removed user mailbox from the hard drive.

Remove a Mailbox Database Using Exchange Management Console

Follow the steps given below to remove mailbox database from Microsoft exchange server, Exchange Management Console is a GUI based application created for exchange administrator to navigate all the operations.

  1. Access the Microsoft Exchange Server environment by providing credentials.
  2. Go to Start and then click on the Exchange Management Console.
  3. New window will appear navigate to console tree and expand Server Configuration and then click on Mailbox.
  4. Expand the Storage Group that contains the mailbox database from the work pane and click on the Mailbox Database you want to remove.
  5. Now go to action pane click on the Remove button.
  6. A dialogue box will appear with the warning message that asking you to remove the mailbox to ensure you before removing mailbox as you click on Yes button to perform the action.
  7. Then a new dialogue box is appear with the successful message as specified mailbox is removed successfully and click on Finish button to complete the process.

Note: - Copy the path of the removed mailbox because you will have to delete the mailbox manually by navigating to the stored location.

Remove the User Mailbox Database Using Exchange Management Shell

Exchange Management Shell is a scripting language which empowers exchange administrator for the task atomization by running some power full commands of console editor.

  1. Run the PowerShell Command.
          Remove-MailboxDatabase -Identity <Database_Name>
  2. As you run this command a message will appear for the confirmation to remove the mailbox type Y and press enter.
  3. As the successful message appear copy the path of the removed the mailbox because you need to delete the mailbox manually by navigating to particular location.

This article explains how to use exchange management console or exchange management shell (PowerShell Command) to remove the mailbox database from the exchange server database. I have tried to give you a powerful and quick way to remove the mailbox database and I hope that this effort will be helpful for you.