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What is MMF File Extension

File Extension is group of letters that specify the data type and helps windows to select the appropriate program to open the particular file. MMF is a file Extension used by various applications such as Microsoft's Exchange Mailing Architecture, McAfee, Media Processing Server and SMAF Synthetic. To know in detail go through the complete article.

Complete .MMF File Description

What is .MMF File Extension?

The .mmf extension is used by multiple program and application let us discuss each in detail separately.

.MMF in Microsoft Mail Serve

If the .mmf file extension is related to Microsoft Mail Server then the file is document type and contains single or more than one messages which is created with the Microsoft Mail Application. Microsoft Exchange Server uses the Mail Service to manage the emails on server side. So it is said to be server side application that is used by the organizations to manage different email client efficiently.

.mmf Extension in McAfee

McAfee is a widely known antivirus program which is designed to protect your pc from spyware and viruses. The .mmf extension file in McAfee application contains the instructions for installing and running the McAfee Application.

.mmf Extension in Meta Processing Server

Nortel provides a Media Processing Server Studio that provides an environment for working and converting audio files into various formats. The .mmf file contains the audio element with menu prompts for the media processing server environment.

.mmf Extension in SMAF Synthetic

SMAF is a Yamaha format and it stand for Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format. The file with .mmf extension in SMAF is an audio file that possess multimedia used with portable device.

How to open MMF File?

As I have stated above that the .mmf file is a multiple program associated application file. To open it just double click on the file it will be opened. If not then there might be some issue to here I am listing all possible issues.

Problems with MMF Extension File

The file associated with .mmf extension have some common issue all are given below.

Registry Key for JTX File Extension

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Metamail Message File

.mmf Extension Supported Applications

I have tried to put all the information related to .mmf file extension here and I am sure that this effort will help you, if you have any additional information then feel free to contact us.