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req file

What is REQ File Extension

File Extension is a group of letters that specify the data type and helps windows to select the appropriate program to open the particular file. One such type of file is REQ, short for Request file, is being widely used when user want to set up a digital certificate. The file stores the unique information of a requester so that a trusted entity identifies the initiator and generates a valid digital certificate.

Complete REQ File Description

REQ File Format

REQ file plays an important role when it comes to generating a valid digital certificate. A digital certificate makes communication secure over the internet via public key infrastructure (PKI). In order to get a valid digital certificate, REQ file is created containing Certificate Signing Request (CSR) which specifies the unique information about the requester so that it can be sent to the trusted entity for identifying the initiator & producing digital certificate.

How to open REQUEST File?

When we double click on the REQ file it opens up in its default application. Sometimes operating system couldn’t open REQ file because of many reasons. The main reason is if the corresponding application (which is used to open a .req file) is not available on the system or the file itself is corrupt.

Most Common Problems of REQ

The frequently occurred issues related to REQ format file are listed below.

In this post, I have explained the usage of Request file for security purpose, the way REQ file can be open and the most common Request file issues. If you have any additional information then feel free to contact us.