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What is STF File Extension

File Extension is group of letters that specify the data type and helps windows to select the appropriate program to open the particular file. The STF file is a configuration file attached with Microsoft Exchange Setup File. This file contains instructions which is used to install the application and associated with Setup tabular index to provide information regarding installation.

Complete .STF File Description

What is .stf Format?

The .stf file extension is an Exchange 2000 Server Temporary File that contains all configurational instructions for each installation mode. It checks the Sequence, Nature and the extent of users input for the installation and selects a path for installation of application with option of installation like where to install and how to respond to the current configuration.

        Format :-  .stf File Format
        Category :-  Configuration
        Mime Type :-  Text/Plain
        Application :-  Microsoft Exchange Server

The files with the .stf extension contains data in Tree Structured Format that makes various choice to select the path for installation and to check the compatibility issue. For an instance setup takes one path from the tree structure if found any problem then switch to another path for installation.

The .stf files are used for post-administrative installation testing to avoid the re-installation of programs. The most common name for the file is setup.stf. The .stf files are often found in installations of older versions of Microsoft Office Programs.

How to open .stf File Format?

Opening a .stf extension file is quite simple, just double click on the file and it will open if not then there is some issue that you need to resolve first. Here I am listing some common problems with .stf file.

Most Common .STF File Issues

If you are not able to access the .stf file then file have some problem I am listing here some common problems.

Program That Supports .STF format file

Registry Key for .STF File Extension


I have tried to put all the information related to .stf file extension here and I am sure that this effort will help you, if you have any additional information then feel free to contact us.