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Exchange EDB Finder Tool

The Tool developed to search EDB files of any size on Exchange Network or Local drives. The location of any EDB files present in hard drive or network can be detected with the help of this software.

  • Detects EDB files stored on any machine in the network
  • Exchange Server Environment is not needed to search EDB file
  • Allow user to copy the EDB file found in any desired location
  • Option to search through All Drives or Specific Drive to find EDB file
  • Generates preview for list of all the exchange mailboxes that are found

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Ver: 1.0
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Windows 8 Outlook 2013

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Eminent Features of Free Exchange EDB Viewer

This Exchange EDB Viewer Tool contains many essential features, some of them I am listing here.

Features of Exchange EDB Finder Tool

Dual Scan

Search and View Location of EDB Files

The tool helps in finding all the EDB files on Exchange Network or Local Drives and view the list of all EDB files found. Details of EDB files like name, storage location, and size of the file will be given.

Entire EDB Viewer

No Need of Exchange Server Environment

The Finder Tool works independent of any environment so that user can find all the EDB files in the system with no Exchange Server Environment present. The tool can find EDB files from multiple systems connected to a network.

Copy EDB File at Desired Location

After searching process is completed, the EDB Mailbox Finder Tool will list all the found EDB files. User can copy any desired EDB file to a specified location that can be used as backup for future use.

All Drive or a specific drive Search Feature

The user can search the EDB file in two ways. The user can search through either all the drives in the system or only a specific drive in the system to find the EDB file. If file location is not known, all drive Search will help.

Auto Synchronization with Server Active Directory

The software has been programmed in such a way that it has ability to auto synchronize the active directory. User need to provide only the credentials to find the EDB files on a network & copy it in desired location.

Preview list of all EDB files found after searching

The EDB finder generates the instant preview of all the EDB files it has found while scanning the system and user can select any EDB file to check their detailed information on the software screen.

Compatible with Almost all Versions of Exchange Server

The EDB Finder is able to search EDB files on the Exchange Database supporting almost all the versions from 2013 to all its previous versions. It is also able to search EDB files in network of machines under same domain.

Report generated as CSV after scan is completed

After the search procedure is completed, the tool allows user to save the report in CSV file format regarding all the EDB files that were found while searching. The report can be used for analysis of file details in future.

How to Use EDB Finder Software?

Step 1 - 4 : Home screen of the software will appear like this. click on Find button

Step 2 - 4 : Here software will list all EDB file which is found in Exchange database.

Step 3 - 4 : Then click on the Copy option to copy EDB files listed to the desired location.

Step 4 - 4 : Software will show the successful message of completion of edb finder tool.


Watch the video to understand the working of Exchange EDB Finder Tool

Necessary Product FAQ's

Yes, the EDB Finder Tool will search the EDB files in Network and from Local Drives as well.
The tool allows user to search their EDB file by selecting only a specific drive and search for it within that drive only. The user can also search through all drives in system if the storage location of EDB file is not known.
Yes, the EDB Finder is compatible with Windows 8.1 version OS and all the previous versions.
To find the EDB file, the tool does not need the presence of Exchange Server Environment on their system.