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Import PST to Exchange Server

The tool is developed to import PST to Exchange Environment and facilitates mapping of selected PST file with desired Exchange Server Mailbox. In Exchange 2010 import PST to mailbox with the help of the Exchange Import tool.

  • Import multiple PST files into Exchange Server mailbox
  • Search PST files on machines within the same network
  • Map and Import selected PST into Exchange Server mailbox
  • Supports all versions of MS Outlook and Exchange Server
  • Generate a Complete Status Report after conversion
  • MS Outlook Installation and Configuration is required

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Ver: 2.1
Windows 8 Outlook 2013

Product Guide    System Requirements

Exchange Import Software at a Glance

Exchange Import tool offers a wide range of features to bulk import PST to Exchange 2013 and all below versions.

Features of Exchange Import Software

Import Multile PST

Import Single or Multiple PST File

The Exchange Import tool allows you to add single & multiple PST files by using "Add File(s)" option and provides an option of "Add Folder" in order to import multiple PST files and export them to desired Exchange Server accounts in batch.

Selecting PST

Mapping of Selected PST to Desired Mailbox

The software allows you to import the data of selected PST to desired Exchange Server Mailbox. For this, you need to provide the SAM account name. So you must know the name of Exchange Mailbox SAM Account.

Search PST within Network

Search PST File within a Network

You can search PST files in multiple systems on a same network by using "Search Network" option and import PST to Exchange Server within the mailboxes of your choice.

Import Status

Shows Import Status Report

While importing Outlook PST files into Exchange Server mailbox, the Exchange Import tool shows Current Status Report and after conversion, it generates a Final Progress Report.

Administrative Permission

Exchange Administrative Permissions are Required

To Import Outlook PST to Exchange Server mailbox, you should have the administrative permissions of Exchange Server and Outlook installation and configuration is also required.

Support All Exchange Version

Supports all Versions of Exchange Server

The Exchange PST import tool supports all versions of exchange Server (5.0, 5.5, 2003, 2010, and 2013) and enables you to import Outlook PST file into Exchange Server mailbox.

How to Use Exchange Import Tool

Step 1 - 4 : Home page of software click on Import Button from menu.

Step 2 - 4 :Select the Add Files or Add Folder and you can remove file as well.

Step 3 - 4 :Select the mailbox and click on Import Button to start the process.

Step 4 - 4 :Then the next application screen shows the status of Import process.


Watch the video to understand complete working of Exchange Import Tool

Necessary Product FAQ's

Yes, MS Outlook installation and configuration is necessary to use this tool and it should be synchronized with Exchange Server at the time of operation.
Yes, the Exchange Import software supports all versions of Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2003, 5.5 and 5.
Yes, you can import PST from other systems but those machines should be connected to the same network and you should know the network admin credentials.
- MS Outlook should be installed and configured for any valid or dummy account.
- Exchange Sever and migration machine should be connected with same domain.
- You should have admin rights for Exchange Server Mailbox.