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Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

Import Exchange EDB file to Office 365 user account by using EDB to Office 365 Migration Tool which supports to apply mail filter and then migrate complete data from edb file to office 365 mailbox.

  • Bulk migration of multiple mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365
  • Account credentials of MS Office 365 is required for migration
  • There is no Size Limitation imposed on the Exchange EDB mailboxes
  • Active Directory & Exchange Server should be in active state
  • Presence of Live Exchange Server on migration system needed

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Ver: 1.0
Windows 8 Outlook 2013

Product Guide    System Requirements

Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool at a Glance

Exchange to Office 365 Migration tool which offers wide range of required feature with Mailbox mapping feature.

Features of Exchange EDB to Office 365 Migrator

Migrate Exchange EDB to Office 365

The Migration software is capable of exporting and migrating multiple mailboxes at a time from Exchange EDB files to MS Office 365 account by mapping their mailbox names.

Allows Selective Items Export

The Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool has feature that allows users to check/uncheck to select only the desired items they want and migrate them into Office 365 account.

Preview of Active Directory details

After clicking the Export button, software will load Active Directory console of the Live Exchange Server giving preview of all the details like the mailboxes present in it, count of all the items present in mailbox.

Provides Mailbox Mapping Feature

Mapping Feature of the software allows users to export and save all the items of one mailbox into the respective Office 365 user accounts by providing Office 365 account credentials for each user.

Exports complete item from Exchange to Office 365

The migration software has capability to export all the items in the Exchange Mailbox account like contacts, Emails, calendars, tasks, notes etc. to desired MS Office 365 account.

Remove permanently deleted emails Option

The software provides option for users to remove permanently deleted emails from Exchange mailboxes after migrating all the emails from Exchange Server to MS Office 365 account.

Email Filter to export desired emails

An Email Filter option is provided that is used to export only selective emails by defining specific date range of 'To' and 'from'. It will export only the emails residing within the date range.

Complete Status Report generated

The tool will allow user to check the count of each items being migrated along with the percentage of progress of migration. Once it is completed, software will generate final report containing details of items migrated.

How to Use Exchange Migrator Software?

Step 1 - 4 : Firstly download Exchange EDB to Office 365 Migrator Tool and Run the .exe file of Software on the local machine.

Step 2 - 4 : Now the software will show the Active Directory and Exchange Server Details, put the Exchange Server in active state.

Step 3 - 4 : Give all administrator rights to mailbox in which you want to migrate and then click on Next button.

Step 4 - 4 :Here you can filter the mails by using mail filter and then click on Export Button.


Watch the video to understand complete migration process and use this Exchange EDB to Office 365 Migrator Tool

Necessary Product FAQ's

Yes, the Exchange to Office migration tool supports bulk migration that allows user to export multiple mailboxes to Office 365 account at a time.
Yes, user must know the account credentials of the MS Office 365 to migrate EDB to Office 365. The credentials need to be entered manually at the time of the migration process.
Yes, the migration software allows user to check/uncheck to select desired items from the Exchange Mailbox to migrate it to Office 365 account.
Yes, Exchange Server should be in active state as well as in same domains as that of the migration machine on which the software is installed.