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What is Exchange Server Error Code 528 & 548 ?

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server that enables a user to perform collaborative E-mail operations and stores entire data into exchange database. Especially the exchange database is managed in the storage group and a storage group contains Transaction Log File, Database File and System Files like temp.edb file, E##.chk file, Eoo.log file, E00.chk file etc. In many situations these exchange database file got damaged and then you need to perform a recovery to resolve the error so in this article I am going to discuss exchange error 528 & 548 also its resolution method.

Complete Description of Exchange Error 528 & 548

Once the Exchange Server database storage group got damaged then it may led to inaccessibility of user mailbox or loss of data from exchange database file. As we know that the exchange server store entire data into edb file and enables a user to perform mailing operations. If the mailbox is not accessible then all mail flow will break so in this situation you need to resolve the corresponding error and make the exchange database in healthy state.

What is Exchange Error Code 528?

Event ID: - 9971
Level: - Error
Source: - MSExchangeIS
Task Category: - Exchange VSS Writer
Symbolic Name: - msgidVSSWriterLogfileIntigrityCheckError
Error Message: - This event indicates that the Microsoft Exchange Server encounters while performing restore operation.

When exchange administrator tries to perform restore operation on exchange backup file and due to any reason the restore operation failed then it show an error with an error code 528. You can check the reason behind this error by accessing the log file which stores each event entry and then perform required operation to resolve the error.

When the exchange database log file edb.log and edb.chk files are missing then it shows exchange error 528 along with the message "JET_ErrorMissingLogFile". This error occurred when the Exchange VSS Writer is unable to restore the backup file, the exchange firstly checks the integrity of log file and if it found that the all required files are not present then the VSS writer cannot perform the restore operation and this situation led to exchange error 528.

Edb.log File: - This file contains all the entries which changes the object of database within active directory due to which when exchange administrator perform restores operation then these entries will be needed to perform operation successfully.

Edb.chk File: - Once the edb.log file checked and found in healthy state then pointer will move to the edb.chk file because this contains database link for each corresponding entry in edb.log file. So this file also needed if you want to perform restore operation.

What is Exchange Error Code 548?

Event ID: - 9518
Level: - Error
Source: - MSExchangeIS
Task Category: - General
Storage Group: - Initialization of Jet Failed
Error Message: - Path of store group on the Microsoft exchange server information store file path is not available.

When the exchange server is unable to generate the transaction log file or unable to put new entry in the log file then in this situation the exchange shows exchange error code 548. This error is also the result of error 519 and this error is also called "JET_ErrorLogSequenceEndDatabaseConsistent".

How to Fix Exchange Error 528 and 548?

This error can be resolved by many methods I am listing here the easier way which can easily resolve this error.

Method 1: -
Changes are not visible until all the threads were combined together.

  1. Navigate to c:\\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA.
  2. Copy the Last E000xxx.log, E00.log file and E00.chk file then paste at any other location.
  3. Now Delete the E00.chk File.
  4. Rename the last copied E000xxx.log file E00.log file.
  5. Now run the command given below.
    c:\\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA>"c:\\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\Eseutil" /r e00

Method 2: -

  1. Delete the log file along with the check point file and recover from latest backup.
  2. 2. The occurrence of error 528 is reported into the Server application log file so check this file and then perform the appropriate operation to resolve this error.
  3. 3. You can also restore complete database from backup and this error will resolved very simply but remember that the backup should be latest otherwise you will lose some data.

Note: - You can also Backup the Exchange Mailbox by Converting into PST Format